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“Light my fire“!

Friedrich Gulda‘s variation on the Doors’ classic, one of his most successful and most frequently played compositions, clearly expressed his burning enthusiasm for music.
This attitude led almost inevitably to him calling many things into question: the tail coat, the hollow gestures of superior art, the monolithic classical music programmes, the specialisation of the artist, the sanctity of the concert hall, as well as the monotony of some festivals. Friedrich Gulda saw his dedication to “anti-bourgeois“ music as his task in life, to which he was compelled by destiny, and he attempted to express his conviction artistically, sometimes eccentrically (to swim against, rather than with, the tide). No matter how polarised, he was tangibly a serious musician; his art was existential for him.
Consolidating and preserving the artistic heritage of Friedrich Gulda, as well as improving its accessibility and renown are the goals of the newly created documentation centre at Schloss Kremsegg. The works are arranged in an interdisciplinary manner, befitting the spirit of the artist and his many talents.
In close co-operation with his partner, Ursula Anders, and sons, Paul and Rico Gulda, we continue to bear his torch through the organisation of events such as concerts, symposiums and workshops, as well as through the permanent exhibition, entitled “Befreite Klänge” (or “Released Sounds”).

(Left to right) Rico Gulda, Friedrich Gulda, Paul Gulda - Attersee 1990